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Improve Cash Flow with SimPro Reporting

By: nickwhitehka

To succeed in any industry, businesses must constantly look for ways to improve cash flow. Luckily, we live in an age where we have access to powerful technology that provides data to help manage cash flow. simPRO’s reporting tools help business owners visualize and analyze business data with a wide variety of reports. A sampling of these reports include:

  • Profit and Loss Report:
    • This report helps you track profit and loss on specific projects. 
  • Customer Rank Report:
    • Provides the data to determine which customers are generating the best profit margins, invoice value, and inventory turnover. 
  • Cost to Complete Report 
    • If your business is running a multi-phase project, it is critical to measure job completion along the way. Being proactive in these scenarios can make or break a business’ future overall cash flow.
  • Percentage of Completion 
    • Business owners can use the Percentage of Completion report to see if a project is falling behind and adjust accordingly in less time.

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