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Project Management Best Practices

By: Nick White

This summer, HKA is offering our “Business Solution Series” for small businesses looking for opportunities to grow and streamline using technology that works for them. If there is a specific technology that you would like us to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are available at (314) 993-4285 or

Business owners manage many moving parts to keep their business running. To properly manage assets in the field, scheduling and dispatch, staff performance and more, it’s vital to follow project management best practices. 

There are many types of technology that you can use for project management, and HKA recommends finding a technology that specializes in your industry or that is designed with your industry’s needs in mind. One such technology that HKA recommends to clients is simPRO, an end-to-end service management software that allows job, protect, and maintenance management tracking. Their reporting tools help business owners visualize and analyze business data with a wide variety of reports.

When you are getting started with project management, there are many aspects to consider. We have listed them below with screen shots from simPRO, but if you would like to discuss technology that may be best for your particular industry, you can contact HKA and we would be happy to discuss some options.

Here are some of the key best practices for project management:

  • Manage and organize project phases:
    • Successful projects with multiple phases hinge on meeting deadlines to keep the overall project on track. simPRO uses Gantt Charts to track project progress in every phase so that you can ensure you complete work on time and within budget. 
  • Track project costs and budgets:
    • Budgeting in each phase of a project is vital to avoid overspending and maximize profit. simPRO is an effective tool to track actual costs against budgeted costs, and also helps you track estimated cost to complete, percentage of completion, and profit vs loss. This helps you keep tabs on all financial aspects of the project from start to finish.
  • Manage and organize invoicing: large projects lead to complicated invoicing procedures, which means keeping financial data accurate can be challenging. simPRO has built-in invoicing features that integrate with most cloud-based accounting systems. Smoother invoicing processes drive a better customer experience that builds trust and keeps the customers coming back. 

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